AK Custom Homes New Line Of Luxury 2020 Edition

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Where Excellence Begins.

Our Mission.

AK Custom Homes was founded in 2007 by award-winning developers Azeem Khan and Raheem Khan with one mission in mind: to design and build luxury, single family homes in Chicago’s most desirable neighborhoods with state-of-the art technology and high-end quality finishes. In the process, service is uncompromised and regularly exceeds buyer’s expectations. Our homes are located near top notch public and private schools, amenities, restaurants and boutique stores.

AK Custom Homes’ single-family homes are highly regarded as industry leading for their quality construction and innovative layouts. We stand behind our work and take pride in our high level of customer service. Our attention to detail, from start to finish, has given AK Custom Homes its reputation as one of the leading residential builders in Chicago.

Your Personal Touch.

Placing your personal stamp on your new home is a seamless process with our team of experts. AK Custom Homes offers a selection of finishes for you to choose from, including kitchen countertops, interior paint colors, tiles, custom closets, landscaping and much more. Under our professional guidance, you will be able to make a final decision on finishes that meet your style and needs

We will be available to assist you throughout the entire selection process. Finally, with the one-year AK Custom Homes warranty, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your new home has met the highest standards.